is made for easy, straightforward application

A. Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated beforehand.

Clean the areas that need disinfecting thoroughly until they are free from dirt, dust, grease and spills.

Rinse thoroughly.

B. Evenly apply a thin layer of the fluid, making sure that the whole area being treated is covered, allow to dry.

For best results leave the disinfectant on overnight or for 6-8 hours to enable the micro-layer to form properly so it can be easily washed away

Apply Bacoban with a cloth or paper towel and let it stay for a least 10-15 minutes to maximise the potential of the bacteria killing properties.

C. With each wiping the disinfection acting time is 5 minutes.

Bacoban‘s advanced cleaning technology means that once applied, an easy-to-clean layer is formed independently. Regular use of Bacoban also builds up a protective layer of disinfection which ensures that microorganisms, dust, protein and sweat can be removed with less cleaning effort.