Protection for your Company

Bacoban is approved for aviation quality standards.Advanced surface cleaning and disinfection for aircraft interiors and equipment.
Reduction of cross infection.
Destroys bacteriaviruses and fungi for up to 10 days.

Advanced infection control:
Healthcare Acquired Infections.
Cross contamination.
Doctors’ and dental surgeries.
Rehabilitation homes.

Nanotech disinfectant formula for hotels and tourist attractions. High quality, flexible, effective disinfection. Advanced infection control for high multi-user environments. 100 times longer lasting than conventional cleaner disinfectants.

Surface cleaning for airports, trains, trams and buses. Nanotech formula offering high antimicrobial effectivity lasting up to 10 days. Advanced hygiene control for multi-user environments. Partner for routine cleaning and disinfection programmes.


Food safety for restaurants, bars, fast food outlets and food handling facilities. Easy to use anti-pathogen formula for long term surface disinfection.. Protection against cross contamination on kitchen and food preparation surfaces. Eliminate risk of foodborne viruses.

Advanced cleaning and disinfection for spas, gymsswimming pools and theme parks. Prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi in humid, moist environments. Builds an antimicrobial layer that prevents recolonisation for up to 10 days.. Can be easily incorporated into established cleaning and disinfection programmes.

Advanced anti-pathogen formula that provides disinfection for rooms, offices and public areas. Likelihood of disease transmission is significantly reduced. Water based, ready-to-use formulations with no dilution necessary. Sustainable cleaning and disinfection for healthier environments.

Intelligent nanotech formula for military bases. Long lasting anti-pathogen protection lasting up to 10 days. Anti-microbial effectivity for sensitive military areas and high contact surfaces. Biocompatible to provide safe cleaning and disinfection for close quarter surroundings.

 IIdeal for falcon and cattle breeding facilities, camel farms, livestock, vet practices and pet owners.

Prevents pathogens and cross contamination.

Water based formulations for sustainable disinfection.

Bacoban Nebuliser for hard to reach areas.

Biocompatible formula for sustainable cleaning and disinfection. Bacoban certified to the high industry safety standards. Non-aerosol formulations. Fragrance free.

Flexible user-friendly domestic cleaning and disinfection. Advanced formula for deep cleans. Up to 10 days disinfection activity. Suitable as anti-bacterial washing machine additive.