is ideal for cleaning companies and house cleaning professionals wishing to broaden their domestic cleaning schedules by incorporating advanced cleaning and disinfection.

Biocompatible and Safe

Bacoban’s nano-tech formulation provides a high quality surface disinfection alternative to bleach which can contain harsh chemicals.

User-friendly domestic cleaning:

  •  Water based Bacoban Disinfectant Wipes.
  •  Ready to use formulations which require no extra dilution.
  •  Advanced formulations for more extensive cleaning.

Cleaning and Disinfection Flexibility

  •  Advanced formula for deep cleans.
  •  Easy-to-use solutions for quick cleans.
  •  Longer lasting effects than conventional disinfectant.
  •  Suitable as an anti-bacterial washing machine additive.
  •  Bacoban leaves behind a multi-functional surface once the cleaning effect dissipates. This three dimensional nano-structured layer storing biocides is automatically formed and becomes active to kill recolonising bacteria, virus and fungi. Bacoban protects the treated surface from microbial growth, virtually eliminating cross contamination between disinfection periods, allowing for up to 10 days of antimicrobial protection.
  •  Bacoban’s nanocoat layeroffers an easy-to-clean surface that reduces cleaning by up to 50%. By reducing surface energy soiling, dust and other particles loosely adhere to the surface allowing them to be easily removed.
  •  Bacoban’s nanocoat layer coats material fibres to provide effective and long lasting antimicrobial protection. Additionally it causes resistance to the material absorbing organic grease and dirt, making the material easier to wash clean – which will increase its wearable life.