: Professional surface disinfection, hygiene sanitation and infection control.

One of the most difficult tasks in the cleaning of homes, offices and businesses is the successful elimination of germs and bacteria. Indeed many disinfectants available on the market today are tough in getting rid of dirt and can offer short term protection. The disinfection methods often used are therefore only effective for a few minutes while the solution dries. After surfaces are cleaned they can become recolonised with microorganisms soon afterwards with such common actions as walking across a carpet, opening curtains, sitting on a couch or touching a surface. Nearly all surfaces are prone to contamination from germs that cause a whole range of effects from bad odours to the spread of disease.

Proven 10-day protection against bacteria, viruses and fungi, at least 100 times more effective than conventional disinfectants

The Effect

Bacoban’s intelligent nanotechnology offers a multi-faceted solution for advanced cleaning and disinfection with long lasting protection. Once Bacoban dries on the surface a nanocoat sponge layer provides active controlled release of biocides which eliminate bacteria, virus and fungi for up to 10 days. The surface is protected from microbial growth and cross contamination is prevented between disinfection periods.


  •  Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal coating.
  •  Invisible highly durable active layer which kills microorganisms.
  •  Inhibits growth of bacteria, mold, algae and moss.
  •  Equally effective on floors, walls, furniture, glass, work surfaces and numerous other areas.
  •  Easy to clean.
  •  Multi-functional surface designed to have a stand-alone one-step, CLEAN-DISINFECT-PROTECT.