Bacoban’s advanced disinfectant formula contains Benzalkonium Chloride that is a potent biocidal active agent of the Quaternary Ammonium family known by experts as ‘Quats’. Quats are used in an exceptionally wide range of products and are accepted in the industry as effective biocidal agents.

Quats Overview

Quats are positively charged which enables them to bind well to negatively charged bacterial membranes and adhere to microorganisms while dissolving their cell walls. This enables the fast speed kill and broad spectrum activity.

Proven Benefits

  • Natural biochemical.
  • Biodegradable disinfectants.
  • Non-damaging to fabrics and carpets.
  • Colourless and odourless.
  • Natural biochemical.
  • Effective and non-toxic.

Disinfection Advantage

  • Quats are positively charged which enables them to bind well to microorganisms while dissolving their cell walls.
  • Inactivate energy producing enzymes.
  • Break down essential cell proteins.
  • Disrupt cell membranes.
  • Offer a broad spectrum of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities.
  • Able to clean and disinfect at the same time.


  • Cleans and protects any hard surface without corrosion, bleaching, odour or stain.
  • Can be applied to metal, wood, glass, plastics, rubber.
  • Routine disinfection for walls and floors.
  • With repeated use, there is no build up or surface streaking.
  • Non corrosive on metals.
  • Suitable for wide usage in medical facilities, food processing, food handling and agricultural settings.

New generation

and Quats

New generation disinfectants like Bacoban use quats to achieve greater effectivity more sustainably. Bacoban‘s advanced water based formulation has been modified with a unique blend of a highly active Quaternary ammonium compound (Benzalkonium chloride) and surface active agents (Polycondensate, Sodium pyrithione) to produce an advanced disinfection formula that offers advantages in safety, cleaning power and disinfectant properties.

Sodium Pyrithione inhibits growth of fungi, yeast and mold bacteria. Its properties help to synergise antimicrobial activity to make effective antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal agents. Used against fungi, gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

Polycondensates have been found to be antimicrobially active against microorganisms (gram positive and gram negative bacteria, and fungi), suitable for the treatment of the human skin, textile fibres and hard surfaces.

Nanotechnology has compounded the effectiveness of Bacoban by building together its individual compounds in a unique way that produces a superior antimicrobial cleaner and disinfectant.

New Generation Effectivity


  •  Offers broader spectrum of antibacterial, antifungal and sporadical activities.
  •  Effective against mycobacteria.
  •  Contains surface-active properties that can be used as a one-step-cleaner and disinfectant.


  •  Stable against reaction with organic matter.
  •  Effective against fungi and mold growth.
  •  Stable against temperature fluctuation with a long shelf life.
  •  Resistant to corrosion of metals and not affected by hard water.


  •  Effective against resistant viruses like Ebola, Norovirus, Hepatitis A and many more
  •  Effective at pH detergency and soil penetration ability.
  •  Bacoban is free from Aldehydes and Phenol.