water based

nanotech formulation

Bacboan is an advanced daily cleaner and disinfectant for general surface cleaning.

Multi-functional and biocompatible are two of Bacoban’s many leading qualities extensively tested by industry experts, including the Fresenius Institute. Tests have proven Bacoban’s formula has the ability to meet the special requirements of industry specific hygiene demands.

Bacoban’s water based formula ensures high standards in disinfection and sanitation while offering a sustainable product that realises the responsibility for people and the environment.

High Performance

  •  Alcohol sensitive disinfection – highly efficient for situations where alcohol-based disinfectant cannot be used.
  •  Safer alternative to common bleach products for disinfecting toilet and bathroom areas, leaving no strong odours.
  •  Does not cause skin irritations that alcohol-based products may create.
  •  No discolouration to surfaces or equipment.
  •  No micro-cracking that allows CFUs (colony-forming-units) to reform.
  •  Can easily be introduced into cleaning and disinfection routines and procedures without other changes to existing practices helping to greatly reduce microbial presence.
  •  Available as ready-to-use solutions, spray and disinfectant wipes.
  •  Low exposure time for surfaces.
  •  Biocide, not classified as a hazardous substance.
  •  Low operating costs.
  •  Broad spectrum activity.
  •  Easy handling.
  •  Effective shelf life.