is approved by aviation quality standards and the Dubai municipality – AMS 1451B & 1452B, Boeing D6-7127 Rev, Boeing D6-17487 Rev T for use in aircrafts.

High Standards of Disinfection

The Gulf area is a global centre with a progressive aviation industry for commercial airlines, cargo and business jet sectors attracting the highest quality standards and world class products and services.

Modern travel by definition means coming into contact with a higher number of different people and encountering foreign places and environments. However enjoyable these new discoveries may be, this also increases the risk of transferring sickness and disease. Millions around the globe have access to air travel, turning aircrafts into potential zones for airborne and surface pathogens.

While there are many advances being made to the cleaning procedures for aircraft exteriors and the air circulation quality of planes, interior surface cleaning and disinfection significantly reduces the cross infection rate of pathogens which can cause common ailments.

Bacoban‘s advanced formulation can be used for general surface cleaning of aircraft and equipment. It is effective in eliminating infection risks so high sanitation standards are maintained.

Bacoban Application

  •  Once applied Bacoban destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses and offers up to 10 days continuous protection against such organisms as, Influenza, Ebola, HIV and MRSA. (See full table)
  •  Provides a long term anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal coating that is highly durable and can be applied on any interior surface.
  •  Works well to provide high quality, technically advanced, biocompatible cleaning and disinfection that is easy adaptable and can be adopted across the board or easily integrated into an already established routine procedure.

Ideal For Cleaning

  • Aircraft galleys, rest areas, cabins, toilets.
  • Food preparation areas.
  • Any surface which is commonly touched by passengers.

Worst offenders for on board hygiene:

  • Fold-down tray tables.
  • Plane seat belts.
  • On board lavatories.

Tested in accordance with DGHM Guidelines

 Effectivelness 5 mins 15 mins 240 mins
Tested in accordance with DGHM Guidelines 2%
Limited virucidal effect according to RKI/DVV recommendations incl. HBV, HCV, HIV, Influenza, BVDV and vaccinia 1%
Rotaviruses 0,1%
Adenoviruses 2%

Tested in accordance with EN Guidelines

Effectiveness 5 mins 15 mins
DIN 1040 0,25%
DIN 1275 0,25%
DIN 1276 0,75% 0,5%
DIN 1650 0,5% 0,25%
DIN 13697 0,5%

Long lasting antimicrobial protection for up to 10 days, tested according to ASTM E 2180 Test.